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Kempo Karate

Our core program teaches the techniques of Kempo Karate to students of all ages. This traditional system emphasizes proper use of blocks, strikes and extended series of movements called forms, for sport as well as self-defense. Kempo improves self-confidence, sharpens mental focus and provides an excellent physical workout for children and adults. The Kempo youth program stresses the need for respect, self-discipline and self-control.

Specific elements of the kempo program include:

  • Combinations and Kempo Techniques – short series of movements designed to block and counter an attack
  • Katas (forms) – long series of movements designed to simulate blocks and counter movements from multiple attackers
  • Ju Jitsu Techniques – short series of blocks and counter attackers specifically designed to provide defense against different types of grabs and weapon attacks
  • Blocking Systems – basic defensive movements designed to deflect and prevent injury from various punches and kicks
  • Non-contact Sparring – offensive and defensive skills developed through the practice of point fighting; students learn to aim at specific targets of the body

When practiced regularly, these skills help students to develop confidence and expertise in the art of self-defense. Adult students and advanced youth practice their techniques on a variety of partners throughout the course of their training, enabling them to practice and refine their skills in various situations. Adult black belt students eventually learn to determine which techniques work best on specific body types.

Kempo Belt Ranking Belt Rank Requirements

Our students learn the various martial arts skills at their own pace and to the best of their ability. A traditional belt-ranking system provides a methodical measure of progress for youth and adult students. All students start at the white belt level and progress through the following ranks:

  • yellow
  • orange
  • purple
  • blue
  • blue stripe
  • green
  • green stripe
  • 1st degree brown
  • 2nd degree brown
  • 3rd degree brown
  • junior black belt (Tiger, Leopard, and Preteen only)
  • Shodan (1st degree Black Belt)

Our belt ranking system allows students to measure their progress throughout the entirety of their training. Earning each progressive belt rank is a great source of pride and achievement for children and adults alike. Students must be proficient in all required material before they can become eligible to test for the next rank. The instructors will inform the students when they are ready to test for their next rank; students should not ask the instructors if they are ready to test.

The study of kempo does not end at the black belt level; rather, students electing to continue their training may refer to the black belt, or shodan, rank as the kindergarten of the martial arts. Our students may continue their training through the advanced ranks of 2nd degree black belt, 3rd degree black belt, and so on. The rank of 5th degree black belt is considered mastery level.

Special Events

In addition to our regular curriculum, from time to time we offer a variety of special clinics, including Personal Defense Readiness, Kung Fu clinics, Tai Chi clinics, and weapons forms. Our special programs are taught by our unique team of adjunct instructors and are open to adult and young adult students (preteen students are invited when appropriate) and to the public. Visit our Photo Album to view pictures from our latest events.